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Veracity Hires VP of Business Development to Expand Utility and Commercial Markets

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Veracity Consulting is pleased to announce Allen Paige as the Vice President of Business Development. In this role, he will also serve on the executive leadership team as Veracity continues to execute on its strategic growth initiative. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Allen to our team and the timing is truly serendipitous. We recently celebrated our 15-year anniversary and we are hyper-focused on growth in 2022 and beyond. Under Allen's leadership, he will help us carry the momentum we've created this year, expanding our presence in both the utility and commercial industries,” said Angela Hurt, founder and CEO of Veracity. 

Allen is a tremendous asset, she adds. 

“He understands that curiosity, flexibility, transparency and accountability—four of our core values—are critical to the success of our clients and to Veracity,” said Hurt. 

He brings over 30 years of business leadership and consulting experience, with over 20 years in a sales leadership role.  

“I met Angela several years ago while working on a major transformation project with a large electric utility and we really hit it off. I was already impressed with the Veracity team. From their strategic planning and roadmap development to execution, they were professional, transparent and a trustworthy partner. Then I met Angela,” said Allen Paige, vice president, business development. “I understood from where their emphasis on excellence came. It is embedded in the culture she created and the commitment to serving their clients and their people; simply put, they do the right thing. This stems from Angela’s dedication to providing premium service.”  

Veracity leads with its values, like authenticity accountability and transparency, he adds. 

“It is not cliché. The values-driven culture truly makes a difference in the caliber of people she attracts and retains, as well as the excellence they deliver, day in and day out. I couldn’t be more delighted to join her team and to help them grow,” said Paige. 

Allen will primarily focus on Veracity’s commercial and utility business segments. He holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University, a Bachelor of Science from The University of Texas at Dallas and is a Navy Air Search and Rescue veteran.

“Through the years, I’ve learned and experienced first-hand that the single biggest predictor of success is the focus, expertise and capabilities brought to bear by the consulting and implementation partners,” said Paige. “I have sold SaaS-based and on-prem solutions for decades, and I’ve seen many fail due to a gap in the implementation process and minimal steps to ensure business readiness.” 

Paige adds that success requires world-class governance, a commitment to quality assurance and testing, and attention to the people and processes impacted through change management programs. 

“These are the things Veracity does far better than most, and I’m thrilled to extend these services to help our clients and our partners accelerate transformation efforts to succeed and win in our global economy,” said Paige. 

Allen resides in Denver, Co., where he enjoys alpine skiing and all things outdoors. He is the father of two amazing daughters, both of whom he gushes over…constantly. His oldest is a BSN/Registered Nurse and his youngest is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Family Therapy. 

Connect with Allen on LinkedIn.