Increase speed to market, reduce risk and grow your business value.  



Gain a fresh perspective and think differently about your business model, products or partners.  



Keep up with customer demands, enter new markets and make the competition irrelevant by identifying opportunities for innovation



Ideateresearchtest and implement ideas that lead to greater business success and create a culture of innovation. 

IT Strategy & Architecture

The changing landscape of digital experiences calls for you to take a step back and look at your IT infrastructure at a high level.  

  • A strategic view of your infrastructure enables you to take advantage of new technologies and product development opportunities.  

  • We can tailor an IT strategy and architecture based on your growth goals, priorities and business maturity. 

  • Our team's expertise and track record spans industries, technologies and disciplines to serve your organization’s unique needs. 

Strategy & Innovation - IT Strategy Block

Outpace the competition through innovation

Technology changes rapidly. Somehow, you must maintain momentum and keep up with the competitionWith more than 20 years of experience in innovation, strategy development and execution, our experts can help you not only keep up, but lap the field in your respective market. 

Guiding principles set the tone for your innovation journey 

Once established, your guiding principles are tested by our proprietary scoring model to assess your readiness and the gap between your current state and your desired end-state.

Stats - S&S - Strategy & Innovation

of high-growth companies plan to invest in technologies that lead to higher rates of innovation

Stats - S&S - Strategy & Innovation2

organizations have increased their funding of digital innovation and are 2.7 times more likely to be a top performer than a trailing performer 

Stats - S&S - Strategy & Innovation3

of executives agree that innovation is important to growth strategy, but only 6% are satisfied with their own innovation performance 

Stats - S&S - Strategy & Innovation4

of leaders agree that demand for new digital products and services increased in 2020, with 83% reporting that it will increase in 2021


Look at your business: What single thing, if done differently, would make a significant impact? Our team of innovation experts can help you tackle your toughest business challenges or try out that crazy idea before you spend too much time and money going down an unknown road. 

Veracity’s innovation solutions include four focus areas that help you not only identify the single-most important innovation you need, but also how to implement it while engaging your entire organization.

Strategy & Innovation - Innovation Block

Innovation Central

Innovation Central helps you develop a proactive culture of innovation that supports creative thinking where people are encouraged to search for accidental innovations, experiment with new ideas, have a "fail-fast"/"fail-cheap" mindset and challenge the status quo. 

Exploration Zone

Want to take your idea for a test drive? Exploration Zone is where leaders can present a business opportunity, challenge or need and experiment with it - in a short period of time. We apply innovation engineering techniques to address the opportunity and develop options and action steps to implement. 

Strategy Activation

In Strategy Activation, we apply a series of innovation and lateral thinking techniques to define and drive business strategies and tactics to make the competition irrelevant. We help you build your success playbook to include the vision, evaluation, ideation and plan for immediate action.

Innovation Mastermind

Innovation Mastermind is a unique program that helps leaders define and implement solid, meaningful ideas. This structured process captures diverse input from other innovative peers to help you take a business opportunity from concept through implementation. Just imagine what you can do when 12-25 peers are helping to solve your most difficult challenges!

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