Improve patient care and reduce inefficiencies with a data-driven approach.  

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Automate manual tasks such as data entry to increase the speed at which you process claims. 

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Better manage, assess and detect outsider threats and cyber-risks while strengthening your security posture 

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Our unparalleled data and business intelligence (BI) solutions improve healthcare management for patients, doctors, administrators and more.   

Better patient care starts with a unified view of patient data 

We provide the governance, the tools and the analytics to ensure you have the right information at your fingertips, in real-time. We establish methodologies and procedures for managing data and BI across the entire healthcare organization 

Automation & Business Intelligence

Like the patients you serve, the health of your organization is our top priority, and it starts with data quality. Our experts provide a complete data governance plan, centralization and storage, BI and analytics tools, and automation services to protect, store and fully utilize your patient information while remaining compliant with the latest regulations in healthcare. 

  • Look 10,000 feet above the project to ensure your business goals and objectives are aligned with new or updated systems. 

  • Data lakes help you centralize and securely store patient information to meet compliance requirements and improve data utilization across the entire organization. 

  • With our customizable analytics tools, real-time reports and actionable insights you can better inform your future business strategies while providing more personalized patient care.

  • We can relieve your team of mundane tasks through solutions like Robotic Process Automation (RPA)improving efficiencies and providing scale to key areas of your business, such as claims processing. 

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Healthcare - Automation and BI

Anticipate (and automate) your most complex challenges.  

The need for efficiency, data integrity and touch-free interactions has fueled innovations like RPA in healthcare. Reduce delays and give your patients the positive experiences they expect with our hyperautomation solutions

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average cost of a breach in healthcare   

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cost of a single compromised healthcare record  

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increase in technology budgets for healthcare organizations 

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of hospitals will have AI and machine learning in the next few years


Patient data is one of the most valuable digital assets. Strengthen your security, maintain compliance requirements and better protect your people, your patients and your organization from falling victim to cyber-threats. 

  • Our experience with virtual surveillance tools help to improve the digital security of your healthcare organization 

  • New threats emerge daily, with the largest coming from within your officesWe examine your entire security infrastructure and controls to determine how they stack up against known vulnerabilities. 

  • Our team is skilled in providing disaster recovery planning and compliance services to ensure you meet industry standards and federal, state and local regulations. 

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Healthcare - Security

Security Assessments 

We examine your entire security infrastructure and controls to determine how they stack up against known vulnerabilities. We also assess and train your employees to protect against these vulnerabilities. 

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We adhere to an “understand-first” approach so we can create a security roadmap and a solution that fits the unique challenges in the healthcare industry, tailored to the unique needs within your organization. 

Vulnerability Assessments

Our comprehensive assessment – coupled with a security management framework – helps us identify any weak spots so we can help improve the overall security of your systems.



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