Let us help you strengthen your security posture and ensure compliance requirements are met.

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The rise of remote work coupled with our busy lifestyles can lead to a lapse in judgement when moving too quickly. Our solutions ensure your people are cyber-savvy from anywhere at any time. 

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Businesses must improve their ability to detect potential security threats before they become real problems. We help you stay ahead of the threats, protecting your data, your people and your brand. 

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New threats emerge daily. Our security services make it easy to keep your technology and your people up-to-date on the latest outsider threats.  

Cybersecurity Solutions for the Digital World 

As more businesses migrate to the cloud, coupled with the massive shift to working from home, you need a progressive approach for this modern world. From vulnerability assessments and security strategies to employee training, our security experts collaborate with you to develop solutions that meet all your security needs.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Governance, risk and compliance services help you prepare for the unexpected, such as data breaches and disasters. We also help with the expected: compliance examinations and audits from regulators and organizations including NERC, CIP, FDIC, NCUA, HIPPA, OCC and others. Our team is skilled in providing these services to help you stay prepared and assist when you need to take corrective action. 

  • We adhere to an understand-first approach so we can create a roadmap and a solution that fits your business and no one else 

  • We identify and assist with all your compliance needs ranging from building a governance framework to implementation and optimization 

  • Our governance, risk and compliance practice ensures your IT strategy is aligned to your business objectives while adhering to industry standards.  

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Navigate your way to a secure future 

Our team of security experts work with you to design custom-built security solutions that improve your risk posture while remaining compliant in today’s fast-paced world.  

Cybersecurity Assessment & TRAINING

Did you know cybersecurity breaches always enter through one of two main doors – your technology or your people? We examine your entire security infrastructure and controls to determine how they stack up against known vulnerabilitiesWe also assess and train your employees to protect against these vulnerabilities. 

  • We assess the maturity of your security program and determine the initiatives needed to improve your security program.  

  • We discover security gaps and then work with you to develop a custom solution that minimizes risk, maintains compliance and increases efficiencies 

  • We align your business priorities and budgets with your existing security programs to bring a more cohesive approach to cybersecurity.  



Our pen tests are designed to discover your security weaknesses.  


We identify existing and potential risks lurking in the dark web unbeknownst to your organization. 


Our training ensures your team is up-to-date on the latest threats, letting them better identify and avoid phishing emails or cyber scams, bringing peace of mind to your team.

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rise of computer hacking according to CPA Advisor  

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threats per minute in 2020 according to McAfee 

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 of boards that will have dedicated cybersecurity committees this year via Gartner 

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of organizations struggling to find and hire security experts via Gartner  

Security Program Assessment

Assessments and ongoing training are a must for all organizations to help prevent malicious malware and phishing attacks. Our team has decades of experience in security program assessment to help prepare and protect your business from downtime, reputational risk and financial loss. 

  • Our threat intelligence reports include a summary of findings and recommendations to overcome your security weaknesses. 

  • We continuously observe and provide a gaps analysis to help strengthen your security posture. 

  • We provide strategic and tactical action plans so you can prioritize and align your security program with your company objectives.  

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Vulnerability Assessment

How comfortable are you with your company’s preparedness in the event of a security threat? Let our security team conduct a vulnerability assessment to evaluate the level of risk in your systems and how they would react in the event of an attack.  

  • We help identify your weak spots.  

  • We prioritize the vulnerabilities discovered in your system, applications and network infrastructure—so you can react appropriately.  

  • Our comprehensive assessment – coupled with a security management framework – helpyou improve the security of your systems. 

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