Provide the modern experiences and personalized services your customers deserve. 

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We help water, gas and electric/power generation providers modernize their business models, core systems and supporting interfaces with modern processes that improve the utility customer experience.

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Utilizing data insights from your meters and customer information system (CIS) may seem overwhelming. We apply centralized data sourcing methodologies along with the latest data visualization tools to help you understand and utilize your data.

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We seek to understand your needs first, which allows us to recommend and deliver tailored solutions that serve both your customers and workforce, while solving your unique business challenges.

Your service is only as strong as your infrastructure

For nearly 10 years, we've been helping utility companies meet the demands of the customers they serve by transforming and modernizing physical assets, platforms and internal processes, while supporting your field staff and customer service workforce.

Our expertise includes: Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), Meter Data Management (MDM) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) conversions; customer to meter (C2M) methodolgies and technologies; Outage Management System (OMS) implementations and more. Our utilities practice team provides Program and Project Management (PMO), Business Process Optimization (BPO), Testing and Outcome Management, training and change management to support all facets of your utility transformation project.  


From the meter to the mainframe, utility companies across the country are modernizing their business models and infrastructures to meet increasing clean energy demands or clean water supplies, help improve internal processes, streamline operations and ultimately better serve today's digital customers.

Our team of utility delivery and infrastructure experts bring curiosity, flexibility and transparency to help discover your path to a more efficient and successful future.


As an Oracle Partner, we know how to successfully implement, update and support Oracle Utilities platforms and applications. We can help you implement your new Oracle Utilities systems to transform your aging infrastructure, while addressing regulatory requirements and supporting your field staff and customer service workforce. If you're already using Oracle systems, our team can partner with you to implement and test patches and releases to ensure your system is kept up to date. 


Our team's specific expertise in utility Digital Transformation can help advance your business model, processes, workforce and systems to the modern age with confidence. 

Our Program and Project Management (PMO), governance and vendor management experts can reimagine and reconstruct your customer interface - all while effectively managing multiple vendor integrations - to ensure a more robust utility customer experience and successful business transformation.


Data is at the core of every utility Customer Information System, but accessing and acting on this data is often more of a roadblock instead of an express lane to success. We unlock the power of your data, leading you to insights that drive transformation and revenue.


Utility providers are beginning to enter a new era of energy management as consumers become more informed and energy sources become more varied. We can help you navigate this, creating a strategy that allows you to lead the industry through innovation and flexibility.


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Successful projects rely on professional testing. 

Modernizing your Customer Information System, metering systems and customer billing platforms can be a journey, coming with a lot of moving parts that require frequent testing and validation. Our professional QA and UAT teams take the burdon off your internal resources with thorough testing and defect management.


Utility companies that invest in the customer experience see improved engagement, less churn and higher return on investment. We can help you transform your end-user experience to take your customer engagement to new heights.

It starts with a unified view of your customers so we gain a better understanding about who they are. This information is then used to create a seamless, personalized, digital experience that connects with your customers as they interact with your brand across a variety of digital formats.. 


Creating, measuring and improving the customer experience across digital touchpoints are increasingly difficult challenges. We utilize the lastest in tools and methodologies that incorporate useful content, updated visuals, and those that consider the full customer journey.


Our capabilities are focused on strategies that can provide the best return on your IT investment:

User Research & Strategy
User Testing & Site Optimization
Digital Product Owner Best Practices
Digital Customer Experience Management
Digital Product Strategy
User Experience Architecture & Design
Knowledge Management

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RESULTS FROM OUR MOST recent energy engagement

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Business requirements

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Hours testing CC&B systems 


Utility and energy companies collect mounds of data, but many are limited in their ability to access and utilize their data. Too much time may be spent cleaning or organizing data across departments, leaving little to no time to make insights-driven decisions that can transform customer experiences.

Our governance strategies ensure your data can be utilized for improved decision-making and operational efficiencies. Services include centralized data sourcing for test cycles, data conversions, data cleansing, migration, business intelligence and analytics, reporting, and custom dashboards for a bird’s eye view of actionable information relevant to your business. Veracity puts intelligence at your fingertips and helps you take immediate action. 


We help establish methodologies and procedures for managing your data. An enterprise-wide governance strategy ensures your decisions are made with reliable data, giving you the confidence that you’ll meet your business goals.


Centralized data sourcing helps you eliminate data silos, establishing a central location and integrating all information into a single, shareable source. Centralized data sourcing minimizes the time spent reviewing various data sets and improves the quality of inaccurate or incomplete data. When successfully implemented, this process improves opportunities for enterprise-wide collaboration and goals can be achieved more quickly. 


Use data to spot trends and better predict customer behaviors. Predictive models can help you adjust your business strategies in real-time, responding to customer and stakeholder needs before issues arise. 


Our dashboard and visualization tools make it easy to consume and utilize critical information at every level of the enterprise. 
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Testing and measuring the performance of your new technologies, upgrades and integrations ensures their successful implementation, and that they continue to work over time. Our utility team's extensive experience in Quality Assurance (QA), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), System Integration Testing (SIT), Test Automation methodologies and Change Management programming have helped energy and power companies improve the customer experience, save time and money, reduce defects and ensure the clients' teams are adhering to best practices.


Veracity recently completed an 8-year IT and business transformation plan for a large, regional energy provider. Our team replaced key legacy systems, including meter data management (MDM) and customer care and billing (CC&B), and provided implementation, vendor management, project management, testing, merger and acquisition change management, and reporting solutions.


QA, UAT and SIT should never operate in a silo, so we work collaboratively with developers, project managers and other cross-functional teams to provide leadership and best practices throughout the project.


Test Automation can provide significant efficiencies through the use of automation software to control and improve test execution. Our Test Automation methodologies provide a testing strategy and governance framework to ensure your automation practices are consistent with your company's goals and are utilized enterprise-wide. 


When change happens, such as with mergers and acquisitions, there is a lot at stake across your entire organization. Our Change Management services help you ensure a comprehensive, detailed plan is in place and that change is introduced and managed for all employees, including your field workforce. To ensure long-term, successful outcomes, part of our proven Change Management solution is to provide you a detailed roadmap, training and tools for continual communication. 

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Veracity was a key part of our IT modernization project. If they couldn’t keep up with testing, if they didn’t find defects like they did, this project wouldn’t have gone well.
Gail Allen
Business lead and project manager, Evergy (formerly KCP&L)
“It’s about the overall leadership and instinct we get from Veracity. When you apply that daily, it’s hard to put a value on that.”
Utility VP / CIO



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