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USITC Builds for the Future with New ServiceNow Solution

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The Quick Hits

After outgrowing the capabilities of its previous system, Veracity worked with the US International Trade Commission to launch a new ServiceNow IT Service Management solution with a self-service capability, allowing workflow flexibility for future change and growth.


Business technology decisions are driven by the present: the solution has reached its end of life, the company has outgrown its capabilities, etc. But the companies that stand out are the ones that take this opportunity to also look into and prepare for the future.

The US International Trade Commission was pressed by the urgency of the present. But its ability to look ahead is what added to its success.  

The Challenge

The USITC had already fully evaluated ServiceNow and had selected the platform for its strong cloud-based-platform capabilities. The agency needed web-based incident management functionality, within a FEDRAMP-authorized environment, and was also looking for a more flexible, future-proofed system that could grow as the USITC would be ready to expand its capabilities with the platform.

When the USITC chose Veracity as its implementation partner, it did so under a time crunch. Support for its legacy system was about to end and the organization needed a new solution in place before then. It also had tight budgetary restrictions that affected the project scope. This meant that instead of a full team, Veracity was working with fewer resources than would normally be on this type of project.  

The Solution

Given the hurdles facing them, Veracity worked closely with the USITC to prioritize the most important and necessary features in the near term, while incorporating plans for future-proofing the system, thus allowing support for further expansion. The USITC’s flexibility in helping shape this approach was key to the project’s success.

Veracity partnered with the USITC to understand the previous system’s capabilities, including what worked well and how the system was used to support the USITC’s business needs. After identifying what was most critical, Veracity was able to develop the new system requirements for improved overall system functionality and user experience. The ServiceNow Starter Stories packs were invaluable in providing the basis for strong initial frameworks for project management and delivery. These tools and resources allow for fast project initiation without having to build them from scratch.

In order to ensure effective future-proofing, Veracity adhered as closely as possible to implementing out-of-the-box functionality, enabling the USITC to efficiently and successfully upgrade with minimal effort. 

The Results

Not only was the USITC about to run out of a support contract with a pervious vendor, which would be costly to continue, but several key processes and aspects of the previous system either didn’t work properly or were inefficient.

Veracity was able to deliver a solution in the USITC’s preferred compressed timeline while also remaining on budget. This was also made possible with key specific ServiceNow features, such as the ability to write common workflows that could be reused rather than creating separate flows for every catalog item.

Now, the USITC enjoys an environment that supports its current needs and future vision for an ITIL-aligned platform, making its employees’ day-to-day experience much easier.