Technology is only as good as the delivery, processes and team behind it.

Our people can solve your most difficult challenges. 

Our consulting team has the experience you need to solve your most difficult business challenges. We assess, understand, create and deliver processes and solutions that help you transform your business. 

Digital Transformation

Veracity helps you move at a pace that puts you ahead of the game, not just keep up. With the right team by your side, a digital transformation project can help you deliver a more competitive customer experience, streamline your operations, and propel your opportunities for growth.  

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Legacy & Core System Modernization

Whether it’s time to replace your legacy core system with a new platform or upgrade to a new versionthe Veracity team has industry-specific experience to help you transform your technologies and customer journeys.  

Program & Service Implementation

Driving real transformational change only happens with experienced delivery methodologies. Veracity is a trustworthy partner with experts who are curious, flexible, transparent and add value during any stage of your project’s lifecycle.  

Customer experience/UI

Companies that invest in the digital customer experience see improved engagement, less churn and higher return on investment. We can help you transform your end-user experience to boost your customer engagement to new heights.  


Data & Business Intelligence

Consumers are less loyal to brands, yet they demand more personalized service. The only way to accomplish this is through maximizing your data. With our tailored data strategies and solutions, we put the power of your data at your fingertips to help you proactively provide personalized, meaningful interactions with customers.

Dashboards help to tell the story through data visualization, but actionable tools drive results. Highlights, drill-down options and reporting are just the beginning. Unique features such as early warning indicators and notifications enable your leadership team to take action in real time. 

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BPO helps businesses ensure the dollars spent toward major system replacements or upgrades achieve the anticipated resultsOur BPO experts work with you to define and execute an optimization strategy that clearly defines the desired outcomes, reduces defects and costs, and reaches your goals.  

Data Management

Data health is essential. But even clean data isn't helpful unless strategy is in place. Our data intelligence experts work with you to assess your situation and build a roadmap to secure and store your customer information, automate tasks through solutions like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and utilize your data proactively with custom dashboards and analytics.  

Integration & migration

The challenge in most data warehouse environments is to create a unified, central location for your data so it can be useful to your business. Our team is experienced in Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) methodologies as well as Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to help you integrate and consolidate large amounts of data across multiple sources and effectively govern integration processes and data flows.

Data Administration 

Our data intelligence team can help you create a strategy that enables and supports your need for a digital customer experience and operational efficiency. Data administration solutions include performance monitoring, data health and cleansing, and installation and configuration services 

Reporting & Visualization

Veracity’s reporting and visualization solutions include performance monitoring, data health and other company metrics and KPIs relevant to your business.

Business & Technology Services

Veracity’s business and technology services experts take the time to understand your needs first, then build and execute a plan. We remain flexible, transparent and accountable throughout the process, operating with your best interest in mind and delivering in ways that many firms cannot

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Program & Project Management (PMO)

Our PMO solutions ensure that a new technology implementation or an upgrade to your existing platform includes the necessary structure, procedures, methods and support mechanism – and that it is seamlessly executed.

Business Process Optimization (BPO)

BPO helps businesses ensure the dollars spent toward major system replacements or upgrades achieve the anticipated results.

Testing & Outcome Management

Testing helps you identify, manage, report and resolve system defects. Whether you need testing on the back side of an integration or as part of a complete core replacement, our services help ensure successful implementations.  

Managed IT Services

To ensure your systems are maintained and your users have the help they needVeracity works by your side with a flexible, accountable and experienced team of IT professionals to manage all your hardware and software support needs.  


Strategy & Innovation

Technology changes rapidly and it's vital to stay ahead of the curve. With more than 20 years of experience in innovation, strategy development and execution, our team focuses on helping you determine what will keep you lapping the competition. Our Strategy & Innovation practice helps you increase speed to market, reduce risk and grow your business value.   

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IT Strategy & Architecture

The changing landscape of digital experiences calls for you to take a step back and look at your IT infrastructure at a high level. 

Innovation Central

At Innovation Central, we help you define, discover, develop and deliver your organization's unique opportunities for growth. Then, we research, test and implement in a timeframe that helps you stay at the forefront of your market 

Exploration Zone

This is where leaders can present a business opportunity, issue or need and experiment with it. Veracity applies innovation engineering tools and techniques to address each item and develop viable options and actions to implement. 

Strategy Activation

In Strategy Activation, we help you build your success playbook to go the distance. Your playbook will include the vision, evaluation, ideation and a plan for immediate action. 




We are industry-agnostic, which means our team can create strategies and solutions to clients in just about every industry and vertical.  








Although we have the most experience in these industries and verticals, our team can solve problems for any business type 

Curious, transparent and flexible in nature, our experts have probably been there, done that.

Don’t worry: We got this.  



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