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'Tis The Season of Giving

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It’s in Veracity’s DNA to lead with authenticity and transparency and we’re wired to give back, helping make the communities we serve more accessible, inclusive and positive for all. In honor of #GivingTuesday, the worldwide movement to encourage giving and celebrate generosity, we’re sharing a few of our own proven tips to increase giving initiatives within your organization.   

Words may inspire but only action creates change. - Simon Sinek

Why It Matters
Whether you’re a small business, a startup or a large enterprise, giving back creates a culture of inclusion, belonging and community. It fosters a culture of support, where employees are proud to help one another and the organizations near and dear to their hearts. It sheds light into the people and resources available in our communities and identifies any additional areas where extra support and service may be needed.  

It’s a virtuous cycle. The more ingrained in the community and involved in various nonprofits—ranging from youth programs to healthcare—the more likely your organization, and the people who comprise it, will be synonymous with words like accessibility, change and acceptance. Over time, giving back creates a sense of authenticity, forming a place without judgement or discrimination because everyone will have a shared sense of service and generosity.   

Start Small 
If you’re new to giving initiatives or looking to beef up the existing program, start small. Add one new organization, volunteer event or nonprofit annually, and review your list of charities each year to ensure you can either maintain the current one(s) or take on a new charity. This also keeps a list of community organizations fresh and current.  

Align with Your Mission 
No matter how deep the pockets, giving back should be intentional and thoughtful. Ensure the nonprofits you support align with the overall mission and values of your organization. For example, at Veracity, we’re woman-owned and led. So, it’s natural for us to align with initiatives that foster and advance women and young girls in business, entrepreneurship and STEM-related programs.  

Ask Employees 
Take the time to survey or seek feedback from your broader team about their passions. We have several employees at Veracity who have a personal connection to the National MS Society; so, we regularly support its fundraisers and community events. This not only helps you expand your giving programs, but it also generates more engagement from your team, boosting morale and increasing their company pride.  

There’s more to giving back than writing a check. Giving back comes in the form of time, too, and often is one of the most valuable ways to support nonprofits. Plus, you can make it a team event, which also builds camaraderie with those in your organization.   

As Simon Sinek says, “Words may inspire but only action creates change.” A culture of community and giving back does just that. 

At Veracity, we are proud to support and work with several regional and national nonprofits and community organizations. Together, we’re making the communities we serve more accessible, inclusive and positive for all because after all, we’re only as strong as the people and resources available in our own backyards.