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Building Strong Foundations: Celebrating Women in Construction

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Veracity would like to celebrate Women in Construction Week by shining a spotlight on our office neighbor, Courtney Kounkel of Monarch Build, and one of our favorites in the Surety business, Lauren Scott of Lockton.
Celebrating women in construction goes beyond recognizing individual accomplishments; it's about acknowledging the transformative impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion in shaping a more inclusive and innovative industry. In our city, Courtney Kounkel of Monarch Build and Lauren Scott from Lockton Companies are smack dab in the middle of the new wave of women-led success in the construction industry, founded on solid relationships and deep client understanding.
Courtney Kounkel
Courtney Kounkel, the Founder and CEO of Monarch Build, has cultivated a culture within her team that emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and exceptional client experiences. Courtney prides herself on the unique approach of involving trade partners early in the process, fostering great partnerships that benefit the project from conception to completion.
Lauren Scott
Lauren Scott, a up and coming player in the surety business with Lockton Companies, complements this approach by focusing on relationships and financial savvy. Lauren's expertise lies in understanding her clients' financial landscapes and matching them with the ideal surety provider to meet their unique needs. Her hometown relationships, like the one she shares with Courtney and Monarch Build, underscore the value of community and personal connections in achieving business success.


Courtney and Lauren's partnership highlights how women in leadership can drive change and foster growth in a traditionally male-dominated field.